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DJ Jenni Valli (Finland)

Jenni represents the one-person tango community of her hometown Huittinen in southern Finland. Since starting with tango more than 10 years ago she's been an active member around in the Finnish tango scene as an organizer of many milongas and events. Djing started very innocently parallel to establishing a new milonga, but it soon grew into a more serious activity and a great source of joy along the dancing itself. As a DJ she's traditional, giving special attention to the most central Golden Age orchestras and lively cortinas. She's a frequent DJ in milongas and events around Finland and has also enjoyed invitations to events in Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Romania, Estonia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium and Spain.

In my "real life" i do part time office work in two different small, family owned companies, and I spend a lot of time on the road.