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DJ Julia Corazon Lopatka (Ukraine)

I started dancing tango in the city of Dnipro in 2007. At that time, there were only 2 milongas in the city. The music was mostly played from the CDs, the choice of which was quite limited, and with time we knew those music sets by heart. My desire for a little variety led me to creating my first playlist. That happened in June 2008 and it became the beginning of my path as a DJ. Since then, I have played music at the regular milongas, festivals, and marathons in Ukraine as well as at the marathons in Vilnius (2013) and Munich (2018).

I really like art and creativity in different forms. I make postcards and jewelry in my free time. For me, DJing is also a creative process. Creating the mood at milongas is like making a necklace, choosing the most beautiful beads.