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DJ Mario Giattino (Italy)

A tango lover since 2006. In fact, before being a tango dj, he is a tango dancer and this makes him very sensitive to what dancers like. The acclaimed Dj Marcelo Rojas, his mentor of tango music, taught his the basics and the art of building beautiful tandas. He started playing in his own city, Turin, and now he has been working in several places in Europe (Spain, Portugal, England , Germany) and overseas in U.S.A. (NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles) . This year Mario will be touring the U.S.A. and Canada along with the prestigious La Juan D’Arienzo orchestra getting the great honour of djing along their itinerary.

“In my everyday life I’m an engineer and I’m used to build aircraft…but in my spare time I love to build wonderful tandas for dancers!! To create the so-called "buena onda", I loves to mix traditional tandas with different styles, epoca and different levels of energy, but always watching people on and out the dance floor, feeling their energy, because a milonga should be a fun place for everyone, and this is just my ultimate goal”.