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Venue & Services

The marathon will be held at Murikanranta - a unique conference center in the peaceful seclusion of nature, surrounded by Pirkanmaa’s beautiful Lakeland - about 40 minutes from downtown Tampere. We will have at our disposal all of the resort complex including a spacious dance hall, a comfortable hotel and restaurant, a luxurious spa and multiple saunas.

Dance venue

All of the dancing will take place in the 435-square meter massive hall with a 7 meter ceiling height. The floor is a gym floor meaning it is sprung – which helps reduce pain in the feet and allows to dance all day and night long. Doors to the outside should assure plenty of fresh air as well as direct access outdoors from the dance hall – and the room height will help keep the air fresh and cool.

The dance hall building is also home to the Spa, a meeting room and Bar, so you will be able to enjoy dancing and relaxing with friends around.

There are, of course, men’s and women’s dressing rooms right next to the dance hall.


The recently renovated hotel is located in the main building and can accommodate a total of 208 people. There are comfortable beds, a bathroom with shower, hairdryer, towels and a big mirror in each room. Hotel guests will have access to a washing machine, iron, and free WLAN internet on the grounds of the center.

When filling in the registration form you will be asked which kind of room you would prefer to stay in. Most rooms are for 2 people, some are reserved for singles (max 13 single rooms for those truly in need - sleep apnea, snoring, etc. Health/Privacy concerns), and some superior rooms will have 3 beds in them. See here for costs and more details.

Upon confirmed registration and payment your room will be guaranteed. You don’t need to and even can not reserve rooms from the venue directly. If your desired room type is no longer available we will inform you of the available options.

During registration you will also be asked about your desired roommate/s (in case you are requesting a Twin/Double/Triple room). If you have not requested a roommate, one/two will be assigned to you by the organizers (only same sex roommates).


The restaurant is catering to our needs and the meals are prepared with the event schedule in mind. There are 7 meals included in all packages, which will be served by the following schedule:

18:00-20:00 – Welcome dinner
01:30-02:30 – Night soup

10:30-12:30 – Brunch
18:00-20:00 – Dinner
01:30-02:30 – Night soup

10:30-12:30 – Brunch
17:00-19:00 – Farewell dinner

Brunches and Dinners will be served in the Restaurant in the main building; Night soups will be served in the Spa-meeting room, near the Dance hall on the 2nd floor.

For those who arrive early on Friday, there will be an option to purchase an additional Lunch. Please note, that it should be booked from the hotel no later than 14.06.2019 and paid at the hotel.

Drinking water, regular coffee and tea that are served by the Dancing hall during dancing hours are included in all of the packages.

There will be a bar near the dance hall, during dancing hours until 2am, where there is alcohol, specialty drinks, and snacks for sale.

Spa & Sauna

There is no way to think about Finland without sauna! The atmospheric sauna is an excellent way to pamper yourself after the dancing day or the night – or even during! Midsummer Tango Fusion’s guests will have a total of 26 hours of possibility to have relaxing time with Finnish taste, in two different saunas.


In the same building with the Dance Hall there is a recently built brand new spa. There you will find:

Access to the Spa & Sauna will be available during the following hours:
Friday: 03.00-06.00
Saturday: 15.00-18.00 & 03.00-06.00
Sunday: 15.00-18.00

Lakeside sauna

On the shore of Lake Näsijärvi, which is just a few hundred metres away from the main building, you will find Murikanranta’s peat-roofed log sauna. The lakeside sauna, which is known for its gentle and invigorating steams, includes two saunas and a spacious fireplace room.

Big Goblin: wood heated, max. 25 people at a time
Little Goblin: electrically heated, max. 10 people at a time
(we will take turns between men and women during the day)

You can easily take a dip in Lake Näsijärvi from the sauna - there is also a private sandy beach!

Open hours:
Friday: 15.00-17.00, 20.00-23.00
Saturday: 11.00-14.00, 20.00-23.00
Sunday: 11.00-14.00